Saturday 28 November 2015

Long time - no see!

I thought it was high time I posted again.  As you see, here is our hall looking lovely and bright even on a dull and dreary November day.  The only trouble is that I  now notice all the others area that would benefit from being redecorated.  We must be a mucky pair.

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I noticed this little spray of cherry blossom on our tree.  I apologise for the blurred photo but it was wet and windy at the time I took it.

Has anyone seen the dog!!  She will stay down there until she gets too hot and can't bear it any longer.  Just after I took this photo that little hump started moving up and down and I could hear her panting.  Eventually she staggered out from under the bedclothes.  I know some of you will be horrified by this but I do change the sheets when she has gone home and she is so very cuddly.
 Please don't notice the junk on my husband's chest of drawers.  I tidy it at my peril.

I am at last beginning to feel more alive, thanks to a wonderful physiotherapist.   She diagnosed the problem with my left knee some months ago, then progress was halted by a heel spur on my right foot.  By the time that was sorted my legs had become so lazy and walking was jolly hard work and not enjoyable at all.  I then became more and more lethargic and so tired all day long, in spite of sleeping well.   I went back to the physio and she has given me an exercise programme, some of which are quite tough so I know they are hitting the right spots.   I do them every morning before I get dressed.  I have also got back to a daily walk each afternoon and that can be hard work according to how much housework, etc., I have done during the morning.  Progress will be slow I think, but at least I am on the way to regaining a modicum of fitness and getting various tasks done each day.

I hope the weather soon dries out a bit as there are magnificent buttercups just waiting to take over several parts of the garden, as well as healthy looking plants of various other thugs I thought I had got rid of earlier in the year.  Sadly the soil is rather like thick porridge and it's pouring with rain as I write this.

I hope I manage another post before Christmas!