Friday 21 August 2015

What has happened to summer?

These photos were all taken last week when it still seemed to be summer.  I took them during a break from gardening and was hoping to catch the sparrows having a drink or a bath in our mock waterfall, but no such luck.
The garden seemed to be full of young blackbirds for days.  Great big fledglings, larger than the parent birds, and chirruping loudly as they urged Mum and Dad to keep feeding them.   They also enjoyed sunbathing and made the most of it.

I am always trying to get a good shot of bees gathering nectar.  Not a good photo here but you can just about see one on the marjoram.

No such luck on the lavender.  They either moved round to the other side of the flowers or flew off. I must learn to focus more quickly!

I did catch this tiny moth on a clematis leaf.  It's colours are bleached out here but they were wonderful.

 This peacock butterfly obliged me, but they too are so busy and can't keep still long enough for a good picture and just as I am about to press the shutter, they so often close their wings.

This is my next task - there is a path through there somewhere and I must find it again.

Our little friend here has had a few problems lately.   I posted about her having her right eye removed owing to glaucoma and a new lens put into the left eye.  Last week she had to have several teeth removed and was very wobbly for a day after the extractions.  She is very resilient and seems to have bounced back to her normal happy self and we can't call her Dog Breath any more!

Since I took these photos the weather has been more autumnal than summery with a distinct smell of autumn in the air.  We have had strong wind, heavy rain and quite cool temperatures, interspersed with muggy humid conditions.  Maybe next week I shall be able to sit outside again.

Tuesday 11 August 2015


I couldn't resist taking photos of these zinnias which are just coming into bloom.
I have grown them from seed and love their bright but chalky colours.  They have lots of buds so I hope to have many more flowers to enjoy.

 These cosmos are more of my 'babies' and are starting to fill out nicely.  I collected a number of packets of free seeds of annuals last autumn and winter so had a busy time potting them up and planting out earlier in the year.   Most of them have already done their stuff and others have been spoiled by all the strong winds we have had but the rest are brightening up the garden nicely.
This clump of verbena is one of last years babies and looking quite grown up now.  I love it and have some in the front garden too.  If they all set seed we shall have to rename the house - Verbena something or other.  Jungle comes to mind especially if I get engrossed in a textile project!

I  have been waiting for the plant in the centre above, to grow enough to identify it.  Goody goody, I'm sure it is a foxglove, but I didn't plant it and it is too close to the lawn but I will get the blame!
There is another one to the left of that nice little clump of hardy geranium - they are all self sets and will all have to be moved further back.  I'll wait until the ground is nice and wet and dig nice big holes for them so they won't know they've been moved.

I wish these were eating apples instead of crab apples, but they are very decorative.  I was a bit dismayed to notice a definite scent of autumn in the air this afternoon.   I am still hoping for a bit more summer.  Maybe tomorrow will be just that, though the weather for the rest of the week doesn't sound too good for our area.

I see that the weeds are doing well with all the warmth and rain we have had.  I have been catching up indoors for a couple of days and reorganised my workroom today.  I always say I can't work when it's messy but when it looks neat and tidy I am reluctant to muck it up again!   I have too many ideas buzzing round my head to settle on any particular one.  Probably just as well, as there is still a lot to do outside and I am determined to get the garden 'put to bed' properly this winter.