Sunday 31 October 2010

The start of a new project?

I needed a break from stitching my book pages as my hands were tired, so decided to do a bit of knitting with a view to working on it with the embellisher. I am a magpie when it comes to interesting yarns and have quite a collection. They are so tempting and then when I get them home they seem too beautiful to use. I looked out any with a high wool content as I thought they would work best.
This is a Colinette yarn - I think they are gorgeous and the colours are stunning. The picture above shows the front of the piece after a bit of embellishing - I shall do more - while below, is a view of the reverse which has taken on a beautiful impressionist character. I love this effect and will probably add little wisps of wool and/or silk tops, dyed muslin scraps and some stitching although I haven't a design in mind yet.

I think this next yarn is one of the Noro ones from Japan. They are quite expensive but this was a bargain end of line, or similar. I knitted it on smaller needles than the Colinette - 4mm - and have worked a few wisps of wool tops into the blue area and some silk tops into the dark grey bit on the far right. It needs quite a lot of embellishing to alter the surface texture of this yarn as it is a boucle type and I haven't altered it's appearance very much yet .......................

..................... but once again, on the reverse magical things have begun to happen and when I have done a bit more on the front, I shall turn it over and make the reverse my right side and carry on from there.

I love the colours in these next pieces of knitting and when they have been well and truly embellished they will be felted and therefore there should be no danger of them unravelling if I want to cut them up into smaller pieces. Every group of four or five bands of colours says landscape, seascape, sunset, dusk etc. I should have enough pieces here to keep me going for quite a while whether they end up as little scenes, book covers, bags or anything else.

The last piece - if you look at it sideways - looks like a pebbly beach I think. If I don't embellish it too much I should be able to retain that look and make use of it.

I am enjoying experimenting with the embellisher. I have been so busy recently and there has been no time to find out what I can do with it since I bought it a few months ago. Now is the perfect time as my sewing machine has just gone in to be serviced and I need another toy to play with till I get it back. Of course I could wash the paintwork or clean out the kitchen cupboards but this is much more fun.


Carol Q said...

you have some beautiful yarns there Heather. i can see why you needed to have an embellisher lol

Doreen G said...

The colours in the samples are great Heather and I agree the backs look even better.
I was enjoying this post until the last paragraph about housework then I got a reality check.

Linda Vincent said...

What lovely yarns you can't wait to embellish onto them; sounds fun.
I'm hoping to have a play on Maggi's machine next week :-)

Julie said...

Definitely more fun! I always think the reverse of embellished work is more interesting than the front. You have some beautiful blends here. :)

BT said...

I have loved browsing through your blog today Heather. You are so talented I should visit more often. How on earth do you produce such lovely knitted pieces? I guess it must be the wool you use, whatever, it's gorgeous.