Monday 7 May 2012

I'm Cold!!

Yesterday was such a lovely day and I did quite a lot of work in the garden - no jacket and the sun was warm on my back.  

These tulips are here to cheer us all up, incase your day is cold and wet again.   They have gone over since I took this photo and the dark leaves on the red sycamore in the picture below are just coming out, but I always think that their flowers look almost exotic.
Blogger is driving me mad and getting my text even more or less where I want it is not as easy as it used to be.  What is this current craze for updating everything whether it needs it or not?

The montana is in full bloom inspite of the lower than usual temperatures.   I have to guard it carefully as my husband is longing to prune it and make it neat and tidy!
 I think it should be allowed to go where it likes - within reason - and love it's full blown blowsiness.
I can't believe where the last week has gone - the days fly by and although I have been busy I don't seem to have much to show for them.  
I am beavering away on my coursework and am taking a break to allow my eyes to readjust after filling a page with the intricate patterns that the artist Klimt used in his paintings.   I think I must learn to breath when I am concentrating!
This is a very boring post but I thought I'd better let you know that I haven't left the country and I will try to do better next time.


Carol Q said...

I don't think it's boring Heather. The photos are lovely.

Dominic Rivron said...

You might know this already, but if you go to your new dashboard and click on the "gearwheel" (top righthand corner, under your name) a list of options will drop down. You can select "Old Blogger Interface". I did, as I find the new one annoying.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad you have enjoyed a spell of gardening Heather - it is too cold here and our plants are a long way behind yours - our montana is only just coming into bud and houses two nests - a blackbird and a hedge sparrow, so no pruning back allowed.

Julie said...

Heather you are never boring, it is always lovely to see other people's gardens, especially in the Spring which is my favourite time of year. It has been so cold here today and it's rained most of the day too. Our garden is in sore need of some tidying and thinning. The montana is only just coming into flower but I do trim ours back several times during the year or it would take over our small garden.

Heather said...

Many thanks Dominic - I will try that.

The Bug said...

How could a post with such lovely flowers be boring?

Maureen said...

love that Montana Heather, I'm hoping ours will be out soon, that's if I can find it amid the shrubs. I must admit to going back to the old blogger post and dashboard page, like you I don't like them updating!

Linda Vincent said...

Always happy to see your garden pics. Your blousy clematis is gorgeous. We have one the same which is a youngster by comparison...but I'm training it around the shed and for now it looks like fairy lights :-)