Thursday, 14 February 2013

Who says romance is dead?

I don't think I have ever had red roses before so it's been a long wait!    I was surprised and delighted to receive a dozen red roses from my husband this morning.

Changing the subject slightly - I bought myself a pasta machine this week, not for making pasta but for making collagraph prints.   I often use things for quite another purpose than the one for which they were made.   I have made two printing plates and am waiting for the varnish to dry before trying them out.   If I produce any worthwhile prints I will show you the results, otherwise we will both have to be patient while I try again.   This all came about from a free taster by Jane Wild for Workshop on the Web which I subscribe to anyway - it's excellent value - and I thought this technique sounded interesting and within my capabilities.   The machine came with three sets of rollers so if all else fails I will still have two clean ones for making pasta!

While shopping in my favourite branch of Sainsbury's (Barnwood, Gloucester)  I came upon some very nice white recessed frames.   They are intended for photographs but will do very well for small pieces of textile work, or even collagraph prints!   They were half price too.   I bought four to take postcard sized work and two larger ones.

The collared dove is still sitting on her nest behind our Sky dish so we could have baby ones in another couple of weeks.   She must have enjoyed the sunshine today - I certainly did.  More of the same please.


Ro Bruhn said...

Beautiful roses Heather. When they have dried out they will make great colour for Eco printing. The pasta machine works well for print making, I've used it quite a few times.

Lyn said...

How lovely! I'm impressed!
No flowers for me this year but a lovely heart shaped brooch so he's forgiven! Xxx

Maggie Grey said...

Lovely flowers. Really keen to see how you find the pasta machine.

sharon young said...

Beautiful roses, how very thoughtful of your DH. Looking forward to seeing the results of your printing, very ingenious to use a pasta making machine, you sometimes see them in car boot sales.
Your doves certainly are early breeders.

Maggi said...

Beautiful roses. Look forward to see how the printing with the pasta machine goes.

Carol Q said...

you and me both Heather - I nearly fell over when I was given a bunch of red tulips this year. if you're coming up to Barnwood, you're only 10 mins from me - we must get together for a cuppa! good luck with the pasta machine . looking forward to the results.

Linda Vincent said...

What perfect must have been well chuffed ;-)
And doves get going early in the year, don't they!

Emily said...

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