Tuesday, 2 July 2013

This and That.

Des.Res. with vacant possession!   I took this photo of a blackbird nest in our front hedge this morning.   We enjoyed watching the birds go in and out with nesting material and were so pleased when the eggs had safely hatched.   It is right alongside a frequently used footpath so they obviously don't mind humans too much.

I just had to take a picture of this lovely rose.  It gradually fades to a soft creamy yellow.

I almost like the seedheads of this shrub as much as the full flowered version.   I love those tiny individual star shapes - they are so pretty.

I have been getting a bit more work done on my daughter's altered book and came across four of these postcard mounts.   I thought she could put photos of her own choice into them.

I am trying out various bits and pieces to see what looks best on each page.   A great deal of shifting and swapping round goes on accompanied by much muttering.  This photo must have been taken last winter and has enlarged quite well especially as it was taken through the window.

I think I might tuck this photo of one of my little landscapes into one of the pockets.

I am sorting through a boxful of odds and ends which might come in handy as border embellishments.  This punched out strip of paper might look rather nice down the outer edge of this page.

I have finished all the gessoing and managed to get some on the cuff of my favourite cardigan - sloppy worker.   Now I can colour the last of the pages and make the final choices of what goes where.   It gets more traumatic as work continues and each step brings more pressure not to mess things up.

I got this far with my first attempt to do this post.   Blogger was not playing nicely - the photos came out in the wrong order and I couldn't correct them or even edit the post.   One of us was certainly having a funny turn so I hope it works this time.

I am looking forward to complaining about the heat next week if our promised(?) heatwave arrives - for some reason I feel really cold today.   Time for another cuppa perhaps.


sharon young said...
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sharon young said...
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sharon young said...

I am so sorry Heather I'm having a lot of trouble with Feedly my replacement blog reader after google reader closed.
I meant to comment that I thought your book was coming on really well, but I do know how scary it is when you don't want to spoil it, yet you know it needs finishing.

Carol Q said...

I've noticed that the "bloglovin" tool bar can appear at the top of some posts and stops you posting on someone's blog once you click on the bar to remove it - it's fine.

Lovely pics of the garden Heather. lucky daughter and her altered book. I perfectly understand what you are saying about the pressure not to ruin it the closer you get to finishing it!

Maggi said...

A beautiful rose and the book is coming along very well. Beautiful gentle colours.

Linda Vincent said...

Agree with Maggi....the rose is truly beautiful and your book is looking lovely too. I especially like the tree/landscape. x