Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rain, rain, go away!

I nipped out into the garden yesterday to take these photos, and not a moment too soon as it has rained nearly all day today, getting steadily heavier as the day wore on.  This evening the gutter over the front porch was overflowing and even though it is under cover, the rain was reaching the outside doormat.  I hope it hasn't battered my precious hellebores - I love them so much and they were all looking their best.
It's only in recent years that I have been able to grow them, and now they are nicely settled and even beginning to spread so that I can transplant their babies.
I love this delicate pink one - there is also a yellowish green one which I was unable to reach owing to the wet soil.  Parts of the garden are on a slope and it gets very slippery in places.

This one with the lovely freckles is one of my babies which I transplanted last year.  I'm so pleased it likes it's new location.

I must plant some yellow crocuses next autumn.  I used to have some but they have all disappeared.  I think there may be something in the yellow petals that appeals to birds and have noticed that my yellow primulas go the same way.  Just as they come into flower something pecks away all the yellow petals.  The very pale lilac crocuses always flop in wet weather so goodness knows what they'll look like tomorrow.  The purple ones are a little sturdier.   Everywhere was beginning to look springlike yesterday.  It's two steps forward and one back all the time, but at least I'm not waiting for floodwater to recede from my home.

I have seen a wonderful crocheted coat made up of granny squares and would love to make it.  The snag is that I don't crochet!  I must have a word with the lovely lady who runs our local wool shop - I think she gives classes in knitting and crochet.  I shall need a quantity surveyor to work out how many squares I'll need to make a coat in my size!    If it gets too much it could always become a waistcoat, or a cushion, or a potholder!!


Lyn said...

Lovely to see the spring flowers in the garden and we even had a bit of spring sunshine this weekend! Xxx

sharon young said...

Oh you did make me giggle this morning with your description of making the crochet coat, thanks for that :-)
I love your brave little Hellebores, they're so pretty, I'm very tempted to try them in my garden, but I'm such a lazy gardener.

Maggi said...

Beautiful hellebores. I hope you are looking out at a blue sky and sun this morning - I am.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your last paragraph made me burst out laughing!! I am crocheting small squares to make a throw - not getting on well at the moment - have done about fifty. Can't see it getting done this winter.
Hope you have seen my header - we obviously share a passion for helebores.

Linda Vincent said...

Your hellebores are delightful. Heather......I have the purple one too; it's particularly lovely this year, I think.
Our crocuses get eaten by the squirrels so I no longer bother with them....not fond of yellow in the garden but your purple ones are rather nice. XX

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the hellebores, such a lovely colouri, they grow well here too.

Carol Q said...

the hellebores are really lovely Heather. so nice to have flowers in the garden already. so.... adding another skill to your pot! I can crochet after a fashion but as a knitter. good luck.

Robin Mac said...

Lovely photos of hellebores, wish I could grow them here. I can't crochet either, think it is too late fo learn now. I hope fhe rain has gone away again, you have had more than your fair share lately.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Re the ages of our sons Heather. Anyone who has a son older than mine makes me feel that little big younger. But my grandchildren are in their tweties. The eldest, 26, gets married in June.