Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Still Doodling.

I am miffed at having wasted all the lovely days we have had, in between the grotty ones, when I could have been gardening, but I have found doodling to be very therapeutic.  Sadly my leg hasn't  prevented me from doing housework!
I started off using just a black pen then thought it might be good to play around with colour.  Most of the patterns are done freehand but I did use a ruler to create the grids, and as you can see doing the background with a fine grid has it's dangers and if you are not very careful you find that your lines have gone astray somewhere.

Most of my patterns start with randomly drawn lines to see what shapes I will come up with.

I used a ruler for these straight lines.

This one took me by surprise as it was going to be grid based and then changed it's mind!

This one makes me think of crows battling against the wind.  Very fitting for today's weather which has very strong gusts which keep blowing the bins over.  I'm not sure it is finished yet - I may add to it.

 Luckily it isn't cold and the sun is shining.
My leg seems to be improving slightly and I have even managed to christen my garden hoe and banished few weeds this morning, after which I rewarded myself with this little posy of rescued  polyanthus that the wind had blown about.
Hope you all have a lovely Easter and that the weather wont be too unkind to us.


Gina said...

Sorry to hear you have had a poorly leg Heather. Fabulous doodles. Hope you have a Happy Easter.

The Weaver of Grass said...

These patterns are lovely Heather - and as for that posy - well if your weather is anything like ours today you will need something like that to cheer you up. Absolutely terrible here.
I didn't know you had a bad leg - hope it is soon better.

Ro Bruhn said...

Your patterns are amazing Heather some of them are very three dimensional. Love the posy too.

Penny said...

Such intricate patterns, they fascinate me. Hope the leg gets better.

The Bug said...

Those are fun!


Wow! I think 'doodles' is really not the word for these! They are wonderful - you have a fabric designer in you somewhere! Hope you recover soon. I love that you are now on Facebook but don't know how! Join the club! xCathy