Sunday, 3 May 2015

This and That.

Here are our two little fledgling collared doves.  You can just make out the second one to the right.  The nest is on our pergola and right outside the kitchen window so I can keep an eye on them, and they can keep an eye on us.  A few days ago we were very worried as we hadn't seen either parent bird for some time and they were so tiny and huddled down in the nest.  We dropped some meal worms into the nest hoping to keep them going and then Mum turned up to feed them.  In that short time they have grown quite a bit.

A little while ago Maggie Grey posted a lovely wall panel she had made from holiday photos and ephemera.  I thought I would try one of my own but it wouldn't work for me, possibly because I didn't have enough interesting bits and pieces, and my photos were not as colourful as hers.   I really liked this idea so decided to turn mine into a book, and instead of ephemera I am adding scraps of home dyed fabrics left over from a course I did years ago and couldn't bear to part with.

I can't visualise the finished pages and hope they will tell me what else they need as I go along.  It could be a long job but at least I have started.

Last September I treated myself to a bag of 15 iris bulbs.  Plant in groups of 3 or 5 the experts tell us , so I planted mine in groups of 5, but what I have I got?   Three groups of one!!!!  I plant with such optimism.


The Bug said...

Well hopefully the irises will fill in next year (or do they work that way, like our daylilies do?).

Love the book idea - & whatever path you take I'm sure it will be fabulous!

Ro Bruhn said...

I have a similar experience with iris over here, just an odd
one or two then they disappear for good.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Iknow that phrase 'planted with optimism' only too well. I don't have much luck with irises, although I love them. I think something finds them very tasty over the winter.

Robin Mac said...

I do love the one iris you have shown. We are too tropical for iris which is a shame as I love them too.

The collared doves look sweet.

Your books always turn out very well Heather so I am sure this one will as well. How satisfying to have found a use for your fabric scraps. Cheers


I love your little 'scraps-book'. The colours are so vibrant, just like the landscape at this time of year. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. xCathy

Margaret Cooter said...

A book with scraps of precious fabric ... great idea! It's set something in motion in my brain, thanks!