Friday, 26 June 2015

Odds and Ends.

"There's a hole in my front door, my front door, my front door.  There's a hole in my front door, my front door - a hole! "   Luckily we have a second lock so when this one stopped working and my husband removed it and took it to be repaired, we were still secure.  I was hoping to get a mini view of the front garden through the hole, but the sun was so bright that didn't work.

Great excitement the other morning when this monster arrived at the top of the road where neighbours are having an extension built onto the back of their house.  This metal girder was the first to be lifted over their roof, followed by several concrete ones.   It arrived early and I nipped out in  my dressing gown to take this photo.

The honeysuckle on our pergola is looking beautiful this year - this is the view through the kitchen window looking up.
I love it's twisted stems in which the little birds love to hop about looking for insects.  They sometimes take shelter from bad weather in the winter under there.

I took this photo looking down on the honeysuckle from the bedroom window.  The bees have been enjoying themselves during the lovely sunny days we have had recently.

A view of the black elder flowering it's socks off and the summer jasmine just coming into flower.

I have been frantically trying to clear space for all the seedlings I have grown this spring but the soil is so dry and heavy it is taking longer than I bargained for.   We could do with some rain to soften the ground and my seedlings are almost climbing out of their seed trays and pots.   We watch large grey clouds pass overhead but only the odd spot or two falls here.   I daresay a few miles away they are having a lovely downpour.  Oh well, there's always the hosepipe.


Rowan said...

The honeysuckle is beautiful, it seems to be doing well this year, our local woods are full of it. I love the scent of honeysuckle. Hope you manage to get the seedlings planted out soon, we've had more rain than you by the sound of it as the soil here isn't too bad.

Robin Mac said...

Your garden must be looking beautiful Heather. I love honeysuckle, but this is not the right climate for it.
We are never happy with the weather are we?
I often wonder if any of those girders land on someone's roof instead of being lifted right over! It is fascinating to watch how skilful the crane drivers are however. Cheers

Ro Bruhn said...

Your garden is looking beautiful Heather, I can almost smell the honeysuckle from here.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely to have you back Heather. How are those books coming along?

Nice photographs. Our garden is the same as far as raindrops are concerned. Everything has just stopped growing, although rain is forecast for tomorrow followed by hot, humid weather. We never get what we wish for in the garden, do we?

Carol Q said...

your garden is looking gorgeous Heather. Like you - I really like those twisted branches of the honeysuckle.

Gina said...

Your honeysuckle is beautiful whereas mine seems only to be a magnet for black fly which is far from beautiful. I hope you got some rain Heather. We had a little yesterday but not sure how effective it will be given the predicted heat wave this week.

Maggi said...

Your garden is really looking beautiful. I think conditions must be right for honeysuckle this year as mine are flowering their socks off too, as are many of the others in the gardens around here.