Friday, 23 June 2017

Slinking back, feeling ashamed.

I have just spent half an hour trying to upload some photos to my blog, without success.  I think this may have something to do with the fact that it is so long since I posted, that I have forgotten how to do it!

As the photos were only of various parts of the house looking very bare and others beginning to fill up with large packing boxes, I don't think you have missed much.

I don't have a completion date yet for the sale of my house and the purchase of my flat, but hate leaving things till the last minute and am determined to be prepared.

After the suddenness and speed with which this moving business began back in April, and frequent letters and phone calls from house agents and solicitors, the past two or three weeks have been very quiet so I hope they are all busily moving things along.  The recent heatwave was probably a blessing in disguise as it made me stop doing anything for a few days (I love summer but am useless when it is very hot) so I hibernated and had a break from sorting, packing and gardening, all of which has steadily been going on for weeks.   I did get the back lawn cut yesterday and have packed two more boxes today.

I feel I am 'on schedule' so that when I do get the green light, there will be no need to panic.  I can't wait to get moved in, unpack all my toys (fabric, threads, books, craft stuff, etc.) and play!

I didn't get the first flat I hoped for but was lucky enough to find another just round the corner in a similar set up.  It has a second bedroom too which is a bonus and is quite a bit cheaper.  Very handy for Tesco's which is tastefully hidden behind lovely trees, and close to the rest of the town.   I shall get quite a bit more walking in when I move - no need for lifts to the shops and I might even lose a bit of weight!

I shall return with pictures, hopefully, when I have rediscovered my computer skills.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely to see you back in Blogland Heather!
Your post gave me a lot of comfort as I am more or less in the same position. Everythhing is waiting for Probate and is in suspension. Like you I am packing two boxes a day, trying to live life as normally as possible - and trying not to panic!
Good friends are insisting I go out with them (I had four lunches out last week - I have found it is almost as cheap to eat out as to eat at home). My wait is as long as yours so we can feel frustrated together. Hope you get back to your book making after you get straight in your new flat. I so enjoyed seeing them.

Ro Bruhn said...

I know the feeling Heather re the blog posting, I haven't posted for over a month. So glad everything is falling into place for your moving. I can't ever imagine leaving my home, I wouldn't know where to start with the sorting and packing. Good luck with your new adventure.

The Bug said...

It sounds like you're making good progress. I'm glad you're excited about your move!

Robin Mac said...

Thank goodness Pat said in her blog today that you had posted - so I came to look and discovered a lovely long post from April as well!
I am like Ro - I can't imagine the trauma of trying to pack up our house - 50 years of hoarding (Bill) and a bit of a contribution from me as well. Our son Stuart says he will just put up a sign on the street saying 'Garage Sale - don't bother paying, just take it away' I am sure he would not really do that, but the thought of clearing up here is very daunting!!!
I do hope you will get back to your craft work when you are resettled, I loved your beautiful books. Cheers

Gina said...

I hope you get a date soon Heather. My mum is in the same situation with no date yet but surrounded by packing cases so she doesn't have to do everything at the last minute. It's not very settling.

WendyK said...

I so hope your move goes well Heather. Let me know when you you are settled and I will come down. I was just saying to Peter that I must contact you, when I decided to look at your blog.
Hugs, Wendy

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sorry about the break in your sale Heather - it seems to happen so often and it really is the last straw isn't it. Do hope they soon find another buyer.

The Weaver of Grass said...

You just made me laugh about having to buy knitting needles because yours were packed.
I can't charge my digital camera because all the chargers are packed - that's why no photos are put on my blog. We soldier on.