Friday, 4 May 2018

A delightful visitor.

Just had a visit from my youngest daughter and her husband with their rescue dog.  She, the dog, is a 3 year old Jack Russell who is now known as Boudi - short for Boudicca!  She is a feisty little thing and has been quite badly traumatised from her past experiences but is coming on really well with her new training, though it could be some time before she accepts petting from me.  I know I must be patient but am longing for a cuddle with her.  She has been aggressive in the past and I would hate to cause a set back by trying to stroke her before she is ready.  My daughter and son-in-law have gained her trust and she is totally relaxed with them, and that is the main thing.   The rest of us must wait our turn.

It is gradually getting warmer and I needed help this morning from a kind shopkeeper when I had caught my scarf in the zip of my coat.  It seemed well and truly stuck and I was coming to the boil and desperate to undo it.  So nice to think that it might be allowed to stay in the wardrobe next time I go out.

All the trees are greening up quickly now and I am so pleased to find tiny wild flowers in the grass beside the footpath on my way to the Supermarket.  It makes me feel a little less urbanised.  Sparrows are shouting at each other in all the hedges, the blackbirds are singing their heads off and pigeons are canoodling on the roof tops.  I think we can safely say that spring is here at last, what ever the weather decides to do.

May the Fourth be with you!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Love your last comment Heather!
Yes - dogs have to come round in their own time, I agree.
Isn't it irritating getting old. I dropped my stick on the market this morning. My hands were full of shopping bag and somebody picked the stick up for me. Very kind of them but such things do make one feel a bit useless.

The Bug said...

I'm sitting here in North Carolina trying to imagine wearing a scarf today - NOT HAPPENING! Hopefully you won't have to wear one the next time you go out!

Love Boudi's name - VERY appropriate, given her parents :)

Bonnie said...

Isn't it difficult holding back when you want to pet and love on a dog but you know it is best if you don't! I'm so happy to hear you are finally getting some spring weather. It does lift our spirits. Here in Missouri(U.S.) we only started getting spring weather a couple of weeks ago but already I feel so much better to see the sun and hear the birds. Yes - May the fourth be with you! Another Star Wars movie comes out the end of this month.

Gina said...

At least it looks like we'll have a lovely bank holiday weekend. I'm sure Boudi will come to trust you too before too long.

liparifam said...

Jack Russells are such endearing, smart little dogs, but - in my experience - quite territorial and protective of their homes and owners. My good friend lives in another state, so I don't go visit often, but one time when I was there her JRT went out of his way (I was reaching out to pet another dog, NOT him because I had been warned he was a biter!) to jump up and bite the tip of my index finger. It was so bad I got an infection, was in dreadful pain and could hardly sleep that night, and had to go to the emergency room for treatment the next day! I later lost the nail on that finger. And I fostered a JRT my self once; I adored him and he became very attached to me and my dogs - but was then fierce to any visitors and "strange" dogs. It's smart of you to be careful...