Saturday 28 July 2018

Oh, the relief!!

I woke up to see puddles in the road this morning and by the time I was eating my breakfast I was listening to another heavy shower.   It is comfortably cool today and by the look of the sky, there will be more lovely rain to come.   Sorry to those who wanted a dry weekend, but I am revelling in it.

The plumber has been working his magic and my shower room is looking good already.  He wont be back until Wednesday as B&Q can't deliver the shower panel until then.  First of all it was left off my original order so I had to phone for one.   I had hoped to order and pay for it over the phone but that wasn't possible, so it meant another trip to do that.  Then just when I thought it was sorted, I was told that the one I had ordered was damaged.  Hence the wait for a replacement.  Luckily the plumber isn't going on holiday until the week after next.

I haven't been out for three days and am looking forward to a walk.  I don't even care if I get wet.  I am definitely not a tropical bloom - just a regular wild flower!   If you are still waiting for some rain I hope yours will arrive soon.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I feel the same Heather. I almost felt like taking off my clothes and running outside in it (note I said 'almost! - don't want to scare every cat in the neighbourhood).

Gina said...

It has been such a relief to have rain.. Today it seems to have set in for the day, slow and steady so the garden should get a good soaking at last.

Robin Mac said...

I thought I had replied to you,but obviously not! Lucky you to have had some rain, we a re still waiting. The garden is a dustbowl, but I really can't complain. 100% of New South Wales and about 60% of Queensland have been drought declared now - some have had no rain to speak of for over five years!
I hope your shower room is finished by now, that will be a real thrill for you. Cheers