Sunday, 2 June 2019

Work in Progress.

First of all, I thought you might like to meet my four-legged granddaughter Boudi.  She is named after Boudicca because when my daughter and son-in-law first took her on she was very feisty.  After receiving nothing but love, patience and gentle training for just over a year, she has become utterly adorable and very affectionate, and at last is able to enjoy life.

I am part way through working on this book which contains snippets of poetry relating to Autumn and drawings in similar vein.  I will post a few pages next time when I am satisfied with them.

This little book has just been bound with ribbon and a piece of stick found on walk.  It too will probably have drawings in it, though of what I have not yet decided.  Not the best day for photos, it is rather dull though still warm.

This one is a fabric book whose cover I have not made yet, and again, I haven't decided on the theme.
I learned years ago that it makes sense to have two or three different projects on the go, but until now have never tried it.  It will certainly be good for me and might stop me from rushing in with more enthusiasm than skill.  When I get stuck with one I can go to work on another.

This is my collage book, made from Khadi paper which is very strong, and bound with the screws I took from a fabric sample display book found in a charity shop.  The front cover is a collagraph which I made ages ago, quite liked but didn't know what to do with.  Collographs fascinate me and I can see all sorts of things in them, though of course there is no detail there at all.

I am new to collage and though I have dabbled with it occasionally I have never set out to compile a little book of different ones.

One day I look at them and think they are complete, and the next I want to alter something or start again.
It is very tricky getting the balance just right.

That dark bit on the left looks too heavy now.

I am enjoying playing with all my bits and pieces, but find that although the method is a simple one, in actual fact it is much harder to select just the right sized and shaped pieces for inclusion.

This is the back cover of the book, another section of a collograph.

I am very pleased to have sorted out the camera (goodness knows what setting it was on last time) and hope my laptop will keep going a bit longer.  I have a feeling that it might die on me soon and will have to replaced.   Oh dear! the possibility of new technology to be conquered is daunting.


Hill Top Post said...

So glad to see so many wonderful pictures. I love your books! You are such a clever one. Boudi is a real cutie! Sometimes it just takes a little love.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love those collographs Heaather. I am so glad to see you back doing these lovely little books again.

Bonnie said...

Boudi is a beautiful girl! Yes, patience and love can make quite a difference for an animal. These books and creations of yours are really nice. I love the variety of the bits and pieces. I can see what you mean about the collograph - in just a short look I could see many different things. I love art that beckons your imagination such as that!

WendyK said...

Fantastic to see you making some books again, and what a great start you have made. I think with collage you can over think it, much better if you just stick or sew it down without spending hours trying to find just the right piece. Look forward to seeing the progress.
Hugs Wendy