Friday, 19 February 2010

Two more tiles and some furry friends.

Both these tiles were made in a similar way. The images are from rubber stamps stamped onto lightweight watercolour paper, then highlighted with Sakura Glaze pens, which give a rather nice encaustic effect. Both were stamped with Brilliance ink pads - the green one using Lightning Black and the reddish one using Coffee Bean. The greenish background is painted pelmet vilene.

The background for this one is made with painted Bondaweb ironed on to rust dyed cotton. The same automatic stitch has been used on each of these to put all components together.

I couldn't resist taking these pics. The one above is right outside our front window. I didn't dare try to get any nearer the glass or the squirrel would have been scared off.

His friend here is having a breather from pinching the birds' peanuts. The squirrels need food too so I don't begrudge them, and they provide so much entertainment with their antics.

The one that got away!! It would have been such a good shot too if he hadn't moved just as I was about to press the button.
I'm off for some more 'tiling' - there is one in the making and two more being worked out - see you soon.


Annie said...

Gorgeous tiles. How clever of you. Love the photos but have to say I'm not a great fan of the squirrels. Just really a rat with a furry tail who undoes the metal mesh on my bird feeders.
A x

Carol Q said...

lovely tiles Heather. they're coming on a treat. what a cheeky squirrel. you are good at catching pics of him (er , well perhaps not on the last one LOL)

Carol said...

Your tiles are gorgeous.

Jane said...

I love the way these pages are turning out - look forward to the complete book. You were unlucky with the snow yesterday - we had alternating snow and rain so it didn't settle and by this morning it was all dry and sunny. Still cold though!

Maggi said...

I love the photos of the squirrels. I thought mine had disappeared, this part of the country does not tolerate its 'vermin' too well, but I now have three. I reckon I have enough bird feeders out there to share with them and, like you, I love their antics. Your tiles are so lovely, the book is going to be fantastic.

carole brungar said...

wish we had squirrels here, they are so cute!

BT said...

More wonderful tiles. I love the squirrel shots. My favourite is the last one!! It made me laugh out loud. We have red squirrels here. Only once have we seen one in the garden and once in Dillons' Wood. Super post.