Sunday 11 April 2010

Gnashing of Teeth!!

I've several nice pics in my camera and have loaded them into my laptop but when I try to post them here all I end up with is five lines of gobbledegook. Infuriating. However, as it still seems to allow text, I will post my Poetry Bus contribution a little early.
This week we are in Niamh's hands (I think!) and she suggested we list the names of 20 people we know and pick two numbers and select those names, plus a word from our last email. This will be the inspiration for our poem. Mine has very little merit but may just raise a chuckle. I think I have invented a new genre of poetry - Garbage Verse!! My two names are obvious and my word is 'enjoyed'. Here goes:-
Maisie and Tim
were both a bit dim,
but terribly nice for all that.
They lived in a house
with a grumpy pet grouse
and an overweight stroppy old cat.
Both loved to talk -
enjoyed a good walk
and would often drop in for a chat.
Over tea one day
they happened to say
they were planning a weekend break,
and were hoping to go
to Westward Ho!
where they had a couple of mates
who took in guests
in need of a rest
and offered very low rates.
Their journey was slow
on account of the snow.
Tim wished they had packed their skates.
They arrived at nine
too late to dine -
had to go out for chips and plaice.
Maisie was miffed,
got stuck in the lift
and tore her blouse of lace.
Tim was worried
and nervously hurried
for help and injured his face.
The entire weekend
from beginning to end
was a total, dismal flop,
especially when
at half past ten
Tim was compromised by a fop.
Never again,
never again,
would they try to go away.
Given the choice
with united voice
'at home is where we'll stay'!
Sorry it's so long, but I got carried away and it has been a bit of light therapy for me this week. Lot's of imperfections and excruciating rhymes but no time to make improvements.


Maggi said...

A great poem to chuckle to Heather, thanbk youy.

Maggi said...

Oops sorry, out of control fingers on the last comment - they must have been chuckling too.

Niamh B said...

Well, I definitely don't blame them for staying at home in future - the things you did to your poor characters there, stuck in lifts, injured faces, great fun!!
Liked the detail of the lacy blouse too.
Thanks for joining in.

Aussie Jo said...

That is a very entertaining verse, I love it!

Susan D said...

Blogger can be a nuisance can't it. A few bloggers including Purple Missus have recommended Windows Live Writer. I installed it last week and so far so good.

Julie said...

It's a great poem Heather and very enjoyable. No tweaking required!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Well I'm glad you got carried away with it because I did too ,reading it!Very funny.
I loved where 'Tim was worried and nervously hurried'

'Miffed and lift' is joint rhyme of the week with Weaver!

Not garbage poetry at all, more like slapstick poetry!

Thanks for the smiles Heather, hope you manage to have some too this week.

Batteson.Ind said...

just perfect! :-) a giggle on a Monday is never a bad thing!

Kat Mortensen said...

Well, that was a hoot! I love the "stroppy old cat" - you folks across the pond have such fantastic language! I've heard the word before (probably on Coronation Street), but I must put it into practice.

Well done!

Carol Q said...


Argent said...

Cracking fun! Much-needed light relief for Monday. Re: the photos ending up as 5 lines of garbage. Were you uploading in Compose Mode or Edit HTML mode. If the latter, then switch to Compose Mode and you should see your piccies.

Peter Goulding said...

Perfect rhythm and rhyme and a great bit of comedy. Humorous verse at its best...

Karen said...

Oh, but soooo funny! This has a great rhythm.