Saturday, 21 August 2010

Locked out of my laptop and an overnight guest for the Poetry Bus.

There would have been a photo to accompany my contribution for the Poetry Bus, but since being locked out of my laptop for two days things are not quite as they should be. I had to make a trip to PC World to find out how to unlock it. The problem probably arose due to an update! I was not impressed, especially as it was most likely for something I am never likely to use. Every function seems to have been affected and needs resetting. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

This weeks challenge was to write about our first waking thoughts so here goes:-

Daylight is showing through the curtains - it must be morning.
No sunshine. Will it rain all day again? Will I get any gardening done?
I sense a little furry bundle in the small of my back.
I turn and see two bright eyes and pricked ears.
Ready for action, my overnight guest greets me fondly.
She started the night in her own bed on the floor.
We can't put her in the kitchen as that is the cat's domain
and doors must be left open for him to come and go freely.
She can't sleep in our bedroom as that too is the cat's domain!
So I join her in the spare room so she won't be homesick or lonely.
We both acclimatize to a whole new range of different sounds.
Now I hear rain falling - no romps in the garden
but we can cover up and go for a walk.

Our once tough-guy cat is almost 18yrs old and no longer agile, very thin (though he still seems to enjoy his food) and rather shaky. He looks bandy from the front and knocked kneed from the back, poor old chap. As his health and strength have declined I'm afraid he has become more pampered. Subsequently daily life, whilst not exactly revolving around him, is arranged to meet most of his fads and fancies. Poppy, the Jack Russell who is our overnight guest, knows he is boss but would love him to play with her. He is far too dignified and ancient to do that and would certainly put her in her place. We keep an eye on both of them to ensure that nothing untoward happens. You could be forgiven for thinking we are both a bit daft about animals.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Daft about animals Heather? I can identify with that. At present we are locked in a battle of wills - Tess doesn't care for her tinned dog meat and would prefer a couple of slices of chicken breast off the bird she jolly well knows is sitting in the fridge - hence her sitting by the fridge door!

Carol Q said...

Love reading your words as ever Heather. I think any animal owner would identify with you. We have an "only" cat as opposed to my mate who has 5. Our "only" cat can be very fussy about food whereas I think if you have 5 you have to fight for every scrap LOL

Lyn said...

There is nothing wrong with being daft about pets, My cat is spoilt rotten!

Totalfeckineejit said...

I thnk what I love about this is that you slept in the spare room to keep Poppy company!

The poem captures your kindness perfectly.

Digitalgran said...

What a pain being locked out of your Laptop Heather. You are wonderful with words!

Erratic Thoughts said...

:) hey I like what you do for your pets.It comes so naturally to you to be so protective to them:)
God Bless!

Dave King said...

If you can't be daft about anim,als, what can you be daft about?

Doctor FTSE said...

Hint . . . Apple Macs don't understand "freeze" "lock out" etc any more. Trouble is . . they cost about twice as much as the equivalent PC.

Your Bus post is lovely to read. Our two cats spend the day "repelling boarders" (Almost literally!) Next-door-but-two have recently acquired a Burmese and a BSH "moggy" (both kittens) In very short order these two have discovered our cat-flaps and where the food is. Our two stand and watch their breakfast vanishing before their eyes for a bit, then go into "attack mode" and all hell breaks lose.
(Hamsters next time!)

Julie said...

Lovely poem Heather and you're not daft at all.

Peter Goulding said...

I was wondering what the furry bundle in the small of your back as!! Charming and delightful.

Argent said...

Not daft about aminal at all - the length we go to to accommodate our two moggies is ridiculous (to anyone who doesn't have one). Love the little picture your poem drew here.

sharon young said...

There's no such thing as being daft about animals, Heather, it's a wonderful concern for the welfare of ours and others' animals.
I love your morning thoughts, thanks so much for sharing them.