Sunday, 27 March 2011

Blowing hot and cold.

I felt quite chilly this afternoon after the lovely warm days we have had, and thought the best way to get warm would be to do a bit of gardening. I was surprised by how much growth so many of the plants have put on during the mild spell. I hardly noticed the tulips a few days ago and these are almost coming out.
I do hope there are one or two more fritillaries to come - I had two or three nice clumps until lily beetles found them a couple of years ago. I can always cheat and buy some more.

The dicentra was just a nice looking clump of leaves at the beginning of the week and seems to have doubled in size since then.

We have had to tie in the new growth on this clematis and then I saw all the buds. It's a beautiful blue when in full flower, and right outside the kitchen window. The long hard winter doesn't seem to have done much harm and certainly hasn't slowed things down. If anything they seem to be earlier than usual.


Linda Vincent said...

I have enjoyed looking at all your recent photos Heather - your garden is full of life and beauty! I think your plants are a bit further progressed than ours up in the Midlands :-)
LOVE the photo of your dove a few posts down...lucky you to have it so close by.
PS Glad you liked the Peachy pics :-)

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely to see everything starting to bloom, specially the fritillaries, such lovely flowers.

Maureen said...

Your tulips seem so early Heather, you obviously have a warmer climate in your area!!

Robin Mac said...

What beautiful flowers you have in your garden. One thing about the tropics I really miss is the changing seasons and watching everything come to life in the early spring. Cheers.

Val said...

Just spent a glorious ten minutes catching up with all your beautiful garden pix Heather - your garden must give you immense pleasure! Love those hellebores - what a fantastic collection you have. Brilliant to have some rain though, wasn't it - what a difference it makes.