Wednesday 14 December 2011

A New Breed?

Poppy stood in front of me for two or three minutes before I noticed her like this. There was too much talking going on and not enough fun and games.

She looks as if she is wearing a surgical mask in this photo.

And in this one she seems to have a deformed nose or a small shoe attached to her face.

Apologies for the poor photo but the light was awful and the wind kept moving this branch of pink cherry blossom. Only one part of the tree seems to be trying to bloom, so hopefully the rest of it will wait until the correct time.

I completed all the work for the first Module of my course today but have not photographed it yet, so can't post it. I will probably have time to do it on Friday - hopefully the light will be better for photography then but no guarantees.


Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Dogs are so funny!
Our dog loves playing with tennis balls and always has to bring us one when we arrive home as a special gift.
I love your blossom tree photo and it's movement, beautiful!

Maggi said...

She looks so cute and obviously determined to get your attention

Ro Bruhn said...

What a gorgeous little dog.

Doreen G said...

This is so funny Heather -what a joy she must be.

Robin Mac said...

I hope she eventually had the ball thrown for her! She does look cute. Congratulations on finishing your module, I look forward to seeing the photos. You have had some pretty miserable weather there by the sound of things. Cheers

Iz said...

That is priceless! Vigs the Whippet loves tennis balls, but just runs with them and won't let go for anyone to throw them.

Carol Q said...

LOL Heather. daft dog.