Friday, 10 February 2012

Another nice way of keeping warm.

I made marmalade this morning - here it is, all hot from the pan and before I had destickyfied the kitchen. I have enjoyed listening to the lids popping as the vacuum is created in the jars. As I am trying not to eat cakes and sweet things generally there will be nothing for it but to resort to housework to keep me warm from now on! Before you start being impressed, I must confess that I did it the lazy way and opened a tin of orange pulp and added sugar and water. I know it's cheating but the flavour is very good and maybe next time I'll make it properly - real honest to goodness homemade marmalade is unbeatable.

I'm still coughing and croaking but gradually getting better. I really begrudge the amount of energy lost in coughing - I don't have it to spare. I think this must be the 5 week virus as I've been like this for a good three weeks already. At least I'm more than halfway through.

A nice thought: In little more than six weeks we shall be putting the clocks forward and the days will really start to lengthen.

With all the dire warnings of icy roads over the weekend, take care and keep safe as well as warm.


Carol Q said...

ooh, that looks yummy Heather. sorry you're still struggling. a couple of the girls at work have had this... it just seems to go on for weeks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering too. My doctor told me that I have a respiratory infection, so bacterial and should be treatable by antibiotics. I wouldn't usually take them but I've been unwell for three weeks now and I can't hear a thing!

I hope you recover quickly.

Heather said...

Thankyou Carol and Toffeeapple - I am beginning to get better but will be so glad to be rid of it.

Maggi said...

Looks really tasty Heather. Hope that you start to get rid of this virus soon.

sharon young said...

Marmalade looks so...... tasty
hope your recovery from the winter lergy continues to be qiuck
thanks so much for dropping by my blog, glad you liked the pics

Suztats said...

Your marmalade looks yummy! Hope you get well soon.

Robin Mac said...

I love homemade marmalade, what a good way to keep warm. I do hope you get better soon so that you can go back to making all the wonderful stuff you usually show us. Cheers

Lyn said...

Oh I must make some this year....thanks for reminding me!
hope you feel better soon.

Julie said...

I used to make marmalade that way too Heather and it tasted fab. I always thought it was just so easy and less stress than preparing the fruit from scratch.

I'm glad you're improving a bit and hope the cough is soon gone. Take care and keep warm as best you can.