Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Weekend Guest.

I had plenty of exercise for the three or four days we had Poppy staying with us and the weather was glorious. It's so lovely to have doors and windows open and to be able to turn the heating off. I did lots of tidying up in the garden too, so it's beginning to look quite good out there.

On our walks round the neighbourhood I loved seeing all the daffodils bursting into flower. Not quite Wordsworth country but doing it's best. These are beside the public footpath which leads to the local junior school.

Many of our roads have rings and drifts of daffodils brightening the scene and they are gradually increasing year by year.

These violets and primroses were growing at the base of a tree trunk.

Just look at that blue sky - I think the blossom is an early prunus........................

................... and I think this is a different variety.

It was at this point that I saw a little carpet of purple crocuses amid the daffodils and as I went to take the photograph, the battery on the camera died on me. Perfect timing!

I took the dog out twice each day and must try to keep it up now she has gone home as I know it did me good. I might not go out twice a day, but ought to manage once.

I had a nice day off today at a group meeting of the Gordano Textile Artists. I missed the last one as I wasn't well and it was so good to see everyone again. We are beginning to make plans for our next exhibition at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bedminster, Bristol, in September for which I need to make a couple more pieces of work. Thinking cap on.


Ro Bruhn said...

Ah the daffodils bring joy to my heart, I manage to grow them here but they never seem to multiply like they do in England, maybe they don't like the summer heat.

sharon young said...

What lovely spring photos and Poppy takes a great photo too.

The Bug said...

Lovely flowers! Hello Poppy!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Put your thinking cap on as you take your daily walk Heather, then you can combine the two. Also fresh air does tend to stimulate creative thoughts (or so they say) Lovely dog.

Carol Q said...

lovely pics Heather. It's the same here too. hope you had a good day at Gordano. can't wait to see my primroses - they seem to spread more and more each year.

WendyK said...

Lovely photos Heather, our garden is full of primroses, they seem to like the wet Welsh soil. Just love your alphabet book, I must go somewhere via Bristol at some point, and pop in and see all your fabulous work.

Maureen said...

Beautiful photo's Heather and the weather looks gorgeous, we've had horrible grey days all week!!

Linda Vincent said...

Lovely photos Heather.....this is definitely my favourite time of year!
Poppy's a cutie - I think I could go for a dog like that (or Jackie's Hetty ;-)
Better not let Peachy hear me!!!