Sunday, 27 October 2013

Arboretum photos.

It is not a good idea to spend the morning shopping and then go to the Arboretum.  We were both wilting a bit by the time we got there and I had no idea how much it has developed since we last went, probably 25 or 30 years ago!   The bit I remember is now referred to as the Old Arboretum and there are acres of lovely walks through amazing trees which just weren't opened to the public back then.   We didn't even get to the Acer Grove but someone told us the leaves would have taken on more colour in a week or two.  That is if there are any leaves left on any trees after the forecast storm.   We hope to revisit on a non-shopping day and will phone first to find out how things are.
There are photos crying out to be taken at every turn and I did find some colours.

I love the way shrubs and small trees are planted almost peeping out from behind a majestic giant.

Or they just light up a little glade where there is no other colour yet.

I don't know which tree has these enormous leaves.   If you look carefully you will see an ordinary oak leaf lying nearby.  The large leaf must have been at least a foot long.

The colour of this bark really glowed in the sunlight.

I couldn't resist a shot of these beautiful fungi.   I must find out what they are.

The book is nearly finished so I'll put it on my next post.

  Batten down the hatches everyone, and keep safe.


Carol Q said...

looks like photo heaven Heather. I went there at least 10 years ago when they had a woodcraft show on too. It was a wonderful place. Love the contrast of the different coloured gold leaves in your photo against the green background. battening down here too lol

Maggi said...

Beautiful photos.

sharon young said...

Lovely colours, Heather, I hope they still have some leaves left, the winds were pretty bad overnight in the South East where we are and we heard a tree fall early this morning but don't know where.
My husband says the fungi are Fly Agaric, commonly found under birch trees.

The Bug said...

I saw where Britain was being battered today - hope you're safe!

My favorite picture is the shrub peeking around the tree :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I used to love going to the Arboretum when we didn'[t live all that far away. Too far now though.
We have a much smaller one up here with lovely acers at this time of the year - shall be going next week with friend W.
Hope you survived the worst of the storm.