Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Gardening, gardening and more gardening!

I have been trying to tame our mini jungle before the fine weather gives way to more wintry conditions and came upon this tiny forest of fungi.   Two days after taking this picture they had all disappeared - it was as if they had never been there.

Having evicted several clumps of weeds that pull up easily I was delighted to find these lovely little cyclamen.  I thought I had lost them all.

Looking out of the bedroom window this morning I saw that the honeysuckle is still doing it's stuff.  The bees will be happy and the birds will love the berries when the flowers have finished.

I took this photo through the dining room window.    I love this clematis but it is so untidy and hangs right down from the pergola.  It has climbed a good twenty feet into a tree the other side of our wall and I think I must cut it back drastically this year or it will outgrow it's strength.   

Our newest climbing rose is having one last splurge and has done us proud this year in spite of being so new.

I think this might be the last rose of summer.   Look at those leaves!   I must treat it for black spot again and if we don't have some proper rain soon I shall have to water the garden.  The weather has been marvelous but the soil is so dry.

I can't believe that it is a month since I went on that lovely book making course with Frances Pickering.   September has been such a busy month I had to be strong and put my book away and have only just started working on it again.   Progress is slow but I will post one or two more pages as they are completed.


sharon young said...

Fabulous pics Heather, your garden looks amazing, love the colour of your pink rose.

Aussie Jo said...

Beautiful to see all those flowers still. We are in spring but the winds are so strong they are decimating the blossoms. May not get much fruit this season.
Just a couple of roses starting to peek out from the foliage.

Robin Mac said...

Those roses are so lovely - hopeless trying to grow them in our tropical climate. Spring has passed us by and we are heading straight into summer, with no rain so the hoses are going each day. Cheers

Charlton Stitcher said...

I love that magical little forest of fungi - so delicate and transient ... an inspiration for textiles in the shape of the cap and the patterns of the gills underneath?

The Bug said...

I love all the pictures - but that pink rose is GORGEOUS!

We still have a ton of marigolds & zinnias, but the impatiens & our hanging basket are kaput (well, there's one lone red petunia on the hanging basket - ha!).

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful flowers specially the cyclamen. I love the way that some fungi just appear and then disappear so quickly

The Weaver of Grass said...

Every new rose I see in our garden I think is the last rose of summer Heather. I suppose a lot depends upon the weather over the next month - there are still plenty of buds around. Can't wait to see more of that book.

Carol Q said...

that rose is such a stunning colour Heather.

Maggi said...

Your garden is still looking so lovely,even at this time of the year. I think it has been a particularly good year for roses.

I bet the fairies came and took their seats away once they realised that you had found them.

Lyn said...

We need to do some serious gardening......oh dear it is going to be raining all weekend!
You did well to get out there while the weather held!

Linda Vincent said...

Aaah...those fungi are so sweet - and mysterious!!
You have a lovely garden Heather; I especially like the cyclamen. xx