Thursday 7 June 2018

First attempts.

The application of matt medium makes the surface more receptive of water colour paint.  I think the paint would bleed without it.    However, it doesn't take the ink from rubber stamp ink pads so I couldn't cheat!

My nice flat tea bags all curled up during the drying process for the medium.  I think this way of working is definitely a case for 'less is more' - keep it simple.

This was done on an ordinary tea bag and my wren is rather overweight.  I didn't want my pencil markings to show and they were very difficult to see against the tea stained bag.  Once I had gone over the lines with the black pen there was no going back.

I will try single layers of tea bag next and have seen them applied to card to make greetings cards.

This is all showing signs of a misspent old age!


WendyK said...

Oh dear, I hadn't realised that you had started blogging agin, sorry. Love the teabag work, I have a load of them ready for use as well. They are on the back burner at the moment. I think 85 should be enough. I have also looked through all the other posts, and love the idea of a hare book. You sound like me with a head full of ideas, will now follow your progress. Will phone when I have some available dates.
Hugs Wendy

Bonnie said...

Those are so cute! I can just see the tiny books you can make out of these drawings. It gives you a whole new way to experiment.

Robin Mac said...

Wow Heather, I have just discovered that you are blogging again and I have had a feast catching up. I love you little books, you are so talented.
I enjoyed seeing the photos of your flat took it is so different from your previous home.I always enjoy seeing what is similar and what is different about homes in different countries. Our house in the tropics is so different because we have so much
more hot weather than you do, but it is very cold in our winter - which is probably warmer than your spring has been! We are wimps and complain when the temperature dips below 6 degrees celcius!
I really should try blogging again, but if I haven't taken any photos I never think I have much to say. Cheers

Gina said...

I rather like your little chubby wren 😁