Friday 12 July 2019

Comfort Plus.

Yesterday I took delivery of my new bed and reclining chair from a wonderful family run company called Comfort Plus, based in Letchworth, Herts., but they seem to travel all over the country.  Just over  five weeks ago, a member of the firm came my block of retirement flats to demonstrate various available products, the chair being one of them, and when no-one else volunteered to sit in the demo chair I offered my services.  If I hadn't done so and found just how comfortable and versatile this chair is, I might never have bought one.  Each one really is tailor made for the customer and every one of their items comes with a lifetime guarantee.

I have lymphoedema (I hope that's the right spelling) and this chair seems to be the only one on the market which raises my feet higher than my hips when in reclining position.  I sit with my feet raised but the rest of me is upright, unless I fancy a snooze.  There are other tiny adjustments that I can make to provide better support for my back, shoulders or neck if needed. 

Likewise with the bed, I can sleep with my feet raised each night and if I ever need it, I can raise the top of the bed too.  The bed came with two memory foam pillows and two underbed storage boxes. I can set the bed to the position I want and do not have to do anything more.

I can thoroughly recommend this company for their polite, friendly and professional treatment of customers.  I have no affiliation to them - I am just a very happy customer.

The chair is less cumbersome than my previous one, which alone is a bonus in a small living room. I think it is a very good thing that I have just enrolled in a keep fit class, or I could see myself lolling about in bed or chair and getting no exercise at all!


The Weaver of Grass said...

A good idea Heaher - we must not neglect things like this as we age.

Bonnie said...

Both the chair and the bed sound and look very nice. I think anything we can do that makes us more comfortable and also follows doctor's recommendations is important and well worth the cost. Enjoy!

الرحمه للتنظيف said...
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