Sunday 11 April 2010

Fur, feathers and blossom - but not necessarily in that order!

This collared dove spent two days recently sitting on our pergola. There is no sign of a nest and I'm sure that had she laid eggs they would have dropped straight through to the paving slabs below. However, after two days she lost interest and went away.
I managed to get this nice close-up of her - she used to watch me through the window while I was washing up.
Our elderly ornamental cherry tree has done us proud this year. Several times we have thought it would die, but after rather drastic pruning it comes back to life again.

It was buzzing with bees yesterday, small ones as well as big fat bumble bees. I have also seen quite a few butterflies during the past few days, and several varieties too.
I think Poppy looks as if she should have a part in Cranford! Maybe I could find some lace to trim her 'bonnet' for her. She has just been spayed and is a model patient. I am dog-sitting tomorrow while daughter and son-in-law keep an appointment so will have to remember not to fizz her up.
I tried to post these pictures earlier but only got gobbledegook. Luckily I found out how to 'unlock' them so you've two for the price of one today. Nearly as good as Tesco or Sainsbury!


Maggi said...

Beautiful tree and Poppy looks so cute. Glad to hear she is well behaved.

Lyn said...

Lovely post. Poppy is cute, but I do like the little doggies (don't tell my cat!) Plenty of birds in the garden to watch at the moment, collared doves are a bit 'little and daft' though arn't they?

Gina said...

Wow! The blossom on that tree is amazing.

Carol Q said...

your tree looks beautiful Heather. ours will be ready in about 3 weeks I reckon. Our next door neighbours' Jack Russell is Poppy too!

Clare Wassermann said...

I have really enjoyed your blog...thanks .... I love the doggy video!

Mad Aunt Bernard said...

Lovely pics! It's nice to see Mrs Collared-Dove (awfully posh to have a bird with a double barrelled name!).

Glad the video of Poppy worked, we might have another in the pipeline - she's gearing up for a 'nutty-five' after her collar comes off I think!! x x x