Monday, 27 December 2010

Running to catch the Poetry Bus.

This week we are invited to write about the worst Christmas present we have ever given or received. I must be fortunate and have never had a worst present, but thought this little tale might amuse you.

The 'Perfect' Gift? (A true story)
My mother-in-law
enjoyed her little garden
but had to move
to accomodation with none.
So, one Christmas
I gave her an amaryllis bulb
all nicely potted,
which she could have on her windowsill.
Something to grow, I thought,
but without any mess.
The perfect little gift.
A few months later, on my birthday,
as I opened my presents
I came to one from my mother-in-law -
vaguely familiar in size and shape.
Inside was the very same amaryllis!
I thanked her politely
and we continued our loving relationship.

A few chilly photos before the thaw sets in - though there may be more to come as very low temperatures are forecast for the end of the week.
Something with big feet - could be a nosey seagull.
This is the surface of our pond - hope our cat doesn't try this after the ice has thawed, though I don't mind if our neighbour's marauding cat does!

I have kept an eye on the waterfall every day to check that it is still flowing - this lovely little ice bridge gradually formed over a period of days.

It's even lovelier in close-up.

This little pied wagtail doesn't seem to mind ice cold water, but he wouldn't turn sideways for me to get a clearer picture of him.

I don't think we've ever had one of these in the garden before and had to look it up in the bird book. We think it is a brambling - it is so pretty and quite colourful.

It spent several minutes tucking in and was very obliging, posing this way and that for me.

We had a very quiet and restful Christmas Day then thoroughly enjoyed the mayhem of Boxing Day evening. I must be getting old as I had forgotten the chaos that toddlers can create, but it was wonderful and lovely to have four generations of family all together, even for a short time.


Ann Christy said...

A great poem Heather. You are right the birds are indeed bramblings. We are more likely to find them in the woods near to us but we have never had in the garden, I think you are really lucky.

Julie said...

Lovely poem Heather and how true it rings! Your ice waterfall looks beautiful and I'm sure the birds have been grateful for the water source during this freeze. I'm glad you enjoyed Christmas especially with your family.

izzy said...

I gave my mother-in-law a rug hooking
pattern one year;complete with yarn- she told me after she wouldn't do it...I offered to complete it and give it back!
Never heard anything more about it!

Maggi said...

Lovely poem Heather. I used to have more problems with my mother's gifts than with those from my MIL. Beautiful photos of your garden and lucky birds to still have water - even hot water won't crack the ice in my bird bath.

sharon young said...

Wonderful poem , as usual, Heather.
Great bird pics and how lucky to get the Brambling in your garden, we had one on Christmas day too, but haven't seen him since, he must be lunching at someone else's table.

Lyn said...

I am glad you had a lovely Christmas and what great wintry photos too. Happy New Year Heather.

Heather said...

I can't believe that in just two days all that snow and ice has disappeared!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Heather - chaos and toddlers usually occur in the same sentence.
Those prints look like cock pheasant to me. Love the amaryllis story - hope I never get to that stage - but one never knows.

Robin Mac said...

I am so glad you took those lovely photos before the snow and ice melted away - I am glad if it is a bit warmer for you though. Happy New Year to you

magsramsay said...

At his request one Xmas I gave my dad a fire extinguisher for his car - quite a heavy item to carry on the train. My heart sank when I saw and felt his present to me. Yes,you've guessed it- a fire extinguisher (I have no car and had asked for something quite different)
Is that better or worse than the fake fur legwarmers my brother gave me as 'a surprise' (t certainly was that)