Saturday, 11 December 2010

Too busy for photos.

I am feeling very smug at the moment, having spent most of the morning cleaning out the cupboard under my sink. The shelves are clean and the baking tins, saucepan lids, cleaning cloths and products are all in mesh baskets, and quite a lot of stuff I haven't used for ages has been sent to the charity shop or recycled, where possible. I think it must have been the contrast between the lovely expanse of clean paintwork around the kitchen and the grubby and untidy interior of the under sink cupboard which spurred me on - there has been quite a lot of cleaning before everything could be put back in it's place and now I can open the cupboard doors with confidence even if someone is looking! Still haven't cleaned the cooker yet but it is next on the job list.

The garden is looking decidedly drab after last week's magical covering of frost. Nothing worth photographing out there and even the birds have given me the run around. The other day there was a beautiful green woodpecker feeding on the front lawn, but of course by the time I'd fetched my camera it had flown away. Similarly, two or three long-tailed tits were on the peanut feeder right by the front door - they too waited just long enough for me to get them in focus before doing a bunk.

I am between projects at present, so there is not even 'work in progress' to show you. I hope to make another book - more of a journal this time. It will be based around my visit to Glastonbury earlier this year. I collected quite a few useful bits and pieces which could be included and my daughter and I hope to go again next year.

I still haven't tried out the Flower Stitcher foot or the Melt Pot which I acquired a few months ago so maybe if I get myself organised and produce a few worthwhile samples I'll have something to show you. Have a nice weekend.


WendyK said...

Right, as you seem to have made such a good job of it, you can come round to mine and tackle my mess. Since mum died in October, my under the sink cupboards now have all her stuff in as well. Does anyone want 6 bottles of carpet cleaner, or window cleaner.

Heather said...

My Mum died back in April and I still have some of her bits and pieces. Why do we keep things when we know full well that no-one is going to want them?

The Weaver of Grass said...

There is nothing makes one feel more virtuous than cleaning out a cupboard (except perhaps cleaning out two cupboards). Sine I was ill I am afraid my book has not been out of its work box - my creative muse seems to have flown for the time being.

Heather said...

You'll get back to it Pat. In the meantime you will have more thinking time and not rush in like I do, and then think of all the things you could have done which would have been better!

Gina said...

I'm not a fan of cleaning and housework but there is something very satisfying about a good clear out.