Sunday, 5 December 2010

Where has the week gone?

I can't believe it's a whole week since I last posted. We've been having the kitchen redecorated and even though one of our sons-in-law did the work for us, it has meant a lot of moving, clearing and cleaning so he can get on. We started emptying the kitchen last Tuesday and he began work on Wednesday. He pulled the cooker out so I could clean down the back and sides which hasn't been done since it was installed! It's a snug fit and we couldn't move it ourselves.

We have a long kitchen with a table and a bookcase for cookery books at the end, a large dresser and two sets of wall mounted shelves full of pottery, etc., as well as all the usual paraphernalia and everything had to go into the hall - which is narrow - and the living room which under normal circumstances seems quite adequate! Thank goodness we didn't get any unexpected visitors. Getting the table back into the kitchen from the garage was an effort - the door is slightly narrower than the others and there is a step to negotiate too. It is all, more or less, back where it should be and looking very clean, fresh and lovely. I shall try not to steam it up too much. Even though we don't eat fried food the tops of the cupboards were dreadful inspite of being covered with paper. Tired arms, hands and shoulders today, so a spot of blogging is the perfect pastime.

I looked out of the front window this morning to see this. They must be hungry, even though we put food out every day - I have never seen pigeons eating these berries before. They make a nice picture and are all smiling for the camera apart from the grumpy one on the right who didn't want his photo taken.
We've had rain for a couple of days so it has been milder, but overnight the temperature has dropped again and everywhere is frosty. These are not drops of water but of ice and they shine like diamonds in the sunlight. I can't believe it is so cold outside - the sun is shining directly through the window and I can feel the warmth on my back.

Couldn't resist a shot of these icy patterns on the surface of the pond. At least we don't have to break the ice now as the little waterfall keeps one end free of ice.

This photo is blurred I'm afraid. I was trying to capture the sparkle on the frosted leaves. It looks as if someone has sprinkled very fine glitter all over the border but I don't think I've got it here. Keep warm and take care on the icy roads and paths.


Gina said...

We're about to have our bathroom refitted this week - not looking forward to the disruption! But it will be lovely to have a brand new room when it's finished.

Carol Q said...

gorgeous pics Heather. I really like the ice on the glass. what lovely sons in law(s?) lol to decorate your kitchen for you. always amazes me how the grease creeps into every nook and cranny.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I suppose the one positive thing we can say about this weather Heather is that it is beautiful.

Enjoy your kitchen - get baking those mince pies.

Maggi said...

Lovely pics Heather. Glad the kitchen work went well.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Love the pigeon photo with the 'grumpy' one! Enjoy your lovely redecorated kitchen and keep warm!

Julie said...

Beautiful icy pictures Heather. Take care if you go out in the ice this week.

Jane said...

What a beautiful photo of the icy pond, they could almost be the pigeon's footprints.