Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Work in Progress.

I thought I should return to my first love of stitching to ensure I hadn't forgotten all I learned so many years ago.   I came across the front and back covers of a fabric book, made a while back, and filling it seemed just the thing to get me started.  The cover is made up from scraps and strips of all sorts of fabric - sari ribbon, lace, silk and cotton - with embellishments such as buttons, lace scraps, paper shapes, beads, etc.

I have always like log cabin patchwork so a square had to be included.  I stitched a tiny sewing machine charm in the centre.

I made a lace trimmed pocket on this page, to house a 
C1950s needlecase which once belonged to my mother.

Here I just stitched on various paper and card haberdashery labels
More, in similar vein.

And again, with the addition of three decorative wooden flower buttons.

I bonded a heart shaped vintage fabric scrap and trimmed it with narrow flowery lace.  In each corner I added a dorset button.

Another pocket and a possibly Edwardian needlecase which once belonged to my grandmother.  It is made from tartan silk and is literally threadbare in places.

This page has a thimble top left, scrap of lace, scissors bottom right, a dorset button and in the centre a tiny wooden cotton reel.   The borders of each double spread are worked in raised chain band over an automatic machine stitch which gives a ladder pattern.

It has been useful to have some hand sewing to do while I sort out my thoughts for more books in the pipeline.  I am often surprised by the way that my books can take over part the way through the making of them.  They seldom turn out exactly how I had imagined them originally.

I am hoping that my next book will be a mix of drawing and stitch, and probably based on the theme of trees.   However, there are still quite a few more pages to make for the needlework one.


busybusybeejay said...

How lovely.So original.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Heather, how I love your books. I am so pleased you have got going with them again.

Bonnie said...

I love this! It is almost like a sewing memory book with the antique items and the items from your Mother and Grandmother. Beautiful!

Hill Top Post said...

Such a lovely cloth book! I love how you used old things that belonged to your grandmother.

The Bug said...

Your books are always so AMAZING!

beatriz said...


WendyK said...

Fabulous book, did I see this one ?