Tuesday 8 June 2010

More Glastonbury Pics.

This was the view from our living room window in the flat we stayed in. There were people on the Tor at seven in the morning and sometimes until it was almost dark. We walked up a path on the other side of the hill and came down the route just visible below the crest to the right of the tower. The path is very steep and made into steps in places. It is all laid in concrete to preserve the turf and visitors are asked to keep to the path.
From the top you can see for miles in a complete 360degrees. In the centre of this photo is Wells Cathedral which is about 8 miles away.

Looking up inside the tower which is all that is left of the church which once stood on the top of the Tor. There is no trace now of the rest of the building.

Looking through the doorway. Although the day was bright and warm there was a cool breeze blowing at the top. On a windy day I think I'd feel quite nervous up there. The ground drops away sharply on all sides and it would be difficult to keep on your feet.

This is a view halfway up - it was good to stop to take a photo every now and then to disguise the fact that I am not as fit as I was and wanted to stop to get my breath back! I see I managed to hold the camera still long enough to take the picture.

This little waymarker/shrine was as the foot of the Tor. Someone had pushed wildflowers into the three little circles in the arched niche.

I love the Chalice Well which is set in the most delightful gardens not far from the foot of the Tor. They are very natural and although well cared for, are not too manicured. It was very warm the day we were there and it was lovely to take advantage of all the shady places to sit and enjoy our surroundings.

The water from the spring which feeds the well has a high iron content which colours the rocks. It is said to have healing properties. We tasted it - it has a distinctly metallic flavour and we decided that tapwater was nicer!

Another part of the gardens. Although there were quite a few visitors that day, there are so many little paths and seats that it didn't feel crowded and still retained it's tranquility.

Just down the road is the Rural Life Museum - another lovely spot, and I couldn't resist taking photographs of these lovely stone decorations on the roof of the building.

As the man on duty at the entry said: 'It's not bad considering it was the shed for the Abbey'! In fact it is a magnificent medieval stone barn. I know it would be sacrilege, but wouldn't it make a superb barn conversion?!!!

Back at home, our pond is coming on and beginning to settle nicely. We've got a man coming tomorrow to advise us on edging it. I would like a firm path around it to walk on when I'm replanting and later weeding but I would like it to look natural and not too contrived. It's still a bit of a muddle and not ready to be photographed yet but as soon as it looks good I'll let you see it.


Crafty Things said...

What a great set of pictures. Love the detail on the well cover.

Robin Mac said...

Lovely photos of your holiday Heather. I am glad to know yur pond is progressing also. Cheers, Robin

Wendy said...

You have wonderful pictures, they reminded me of the time we went to Glastonbury, we stayed in a little cottage right across the road from the rural life museum. We are so lucky to live in this country with all the history to soak up. I think I might have to take pictures on the way up the tor these days too....

Ro Bruhn said...

All that wonderful history, something our country is too young to have.

The Weaver of Grass said...

You are not a Festival Goer are you Heather - if so take your wellies.
Look forward to seeing the pond - there is something of the pond freak in us all I think - pond this year, maybe newts and tadpoles next. Good luck with the edging. PS Don't fall in.

Linda Vincent said...

Your photos are lovely Heather...I like the way you captured the arches, they are indeed 'soaring'.
The garden looks so pretty, especially the fountain...I think I need to take a visit there one day.

Julie said...

Thank you so much for showing these beautiful photos of Glastonbury Tor. I have been past on many occasions but never visited but I definitely want to go having seen your photos. The shrine is absolutely beautiful and the views from the top amazing. I shall have to put this on the list of places we must visit.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Beautiful pics Heather.Some real interesting places and things.Thanks for sharing.

BT said...

Glastonbury Tor is one of Jim's favourite places. I have visited the area on odd days when Jim has worded near there, but never ventured up the tor. I spent a lot of time around the old abbey. Your photos are lovely.

Jackie said...

What lovely pictures. I went to Glastonbury once but didn't get chance to look at all these little corners you show.Thank you.