Friday, 4 June 2010

Medievalitis has struck again!

......and so has the laptop gremlin!
I am having problems getting some of my photos onto my blog. The procedure has changed and now I am told the webpage has expired so you will have to make do with just three for now. These tiles were on display in the museum in Glastonbury Abbey and I have so many more lovely pictures, it's hard to choose which ones to post.

The one above is rather unusual for being circular - so many of them are square.
They were in glass cases and it was almost impossible not to get some reflection. I have come across this design in many different books and other places. I can't take the credit for these pics as my daughter took them. I had left my camera at the flat on this occasion so she kindly used hers to take these shots for me.
Perhaps it is a good thing I can't get access to any more photographs - I could very easily bore you rigid with them and do appreciate that not everyone shares my fascination in Abbey ruins, old bits of tile and ancient church vestments in a state of disrepair!
If things carry on as they are, I have enough photos to last me a month of posts. Goodness knows when you will get to see the new pond - it is partially filled with water so that we have been able to put the frogs and newts back. I didn't like to keep them in the small tank any longer. It was too hot today to do any work out there, but I did manage to tidy up a little and the pump and filter should be fitted and working by Sunday. We will then have to lay the stone slabs all around the edge and then I can get down to putting in the plants. I'm really looking forward to that. I am hosting our group meeting in August so have until then to restore order to the garden - by then everything should have settled in nicely.
At this time of year I usually indulge myself in buying more plants, but have been very restrained this year realising that the space for them has been reduced. However, judging by the number of weeds I have lifted in the last two days from around the garden, there maybe enough gaps to be filled and a home will be found for everything.


Jackie said...

Two lovely posts all very interesting. I especially love the round tile.

Aussie Jo said...

I am happy to see many more designs, the motifs are simple but effective.
Would like to see the pond too. We have been constructing a frog pond at the school I teach at (I teach Environmental Education among other things) and i was lucky enough to have parents who are a landscape designer and landscaper to build it. We are about to design a mural to paint on the fence behind (a child's suggestion).

Julie said...

I'm another one who likes to look around abbeys and churches, there is so much inspiration.