Sunday, 13 June 2010

Symonds Yat.

I have gardened myself to a standstill this weekend and haven't taken any new photos lately so am falling back on these from our day out some time ago. I shall have to get out and about with the camera again or I'll have nothing new to post. These photos were taken a few weeks ago and in the one above you can just about see a deer. I have so often seen road signs warning of deer but never seen one. Just after I had taken this shot another one appeared but by then I had put the camera away! This field feels as if it is several hundred feet below where we were standing and is on the other side of the river Wye.

We were well above the tree tops and on that tiny island I watched lambs playing and chasing each other. It is so peaceful there inspite of all the visitors and the only sounds you hear are birds singing and sheep and lambs calling to each other.
The views are amazing even on a slightly hazy day.

The river is quite winding in places and looks very peaceful at this time of year. In winter of course, it has a different mood.

There's that tiny island again down there.

This huge inland cliff is where the osprey make their nest. Unfortunately we didn't see any on the day we paid our visit but there were ravens flying around. There is quite often a member of the RSPB on duty at the viewpoint who is very well informed and happy to answer questions and share his knowledge.

We couldn't remember this walkway which is also a pedestrian bridge over the road and was built about 20years ago. My husband is looking down onto the road which is 30 or 40ft below. It must be over 25years since we last went to Symonds Yat and a lot has been done to make things easier for the visitor without spoiling the nature of the place. Instead of one large car park there are several small parking areas which seem to blend in with the woods without being to obtrusive and instead of clearing a large area for a big visitors centre, the mod-cons have been dotted about. There is a log cabin selling souvenirs and excellent refreshments with picnic tables so you don't even have to wonder where to sit. They've even provided a toilet block - very useful but it too seems to blend in and not spoil the surroundings. We mustn't leave it another 25years before we go there again. I've just worked out how old we'd be if we did!!


Carol Q said...

LOL at your last comment Heather. Gorgeous pictures. Makes me realise, we must make the effort to go up there again.

Elisabeth said...

These photos are a real treat. It's good to visit other worlds some of us are unlikely ever to see. Thanks

Jane said...

Lovely pictures again, Heather - makes me realise there are so many places I have never visited. Are you being funded by the tourist board?? LOL.

Robin Mac said...

What a beautiful part of the world you live in Heather, when you can visit places like this just close to you. The photos are lovely. It is a bit of a shock when you add 25 years and wonder what you might be doing, or whether you would even still be here!!!!! Cheers, Robin

Julie said...

It's been a long time since I was at Symonds Yat as well Heather. Your photos are reminding me to go back for another visit.

BT said...

What a funny name for a place. It all looks very beautiful and it sounds as though the improvements are all just right. I'm glad you had such a lovely time. I love watching osprey, what a shame they weren't visible when you were there.

Linda Vincent said...

What a wonderful place....I haven't been there but my husband rowed in a race along the river there many years ago and has promised to take me there one day. I think its time!